Fake Arduino sold on Thai sites

I ordered an Arduino from Arduino.in.th which stopped working very quickly the price was 600 Baht (or about US$20) which seemed like quite a bargain when I was purchasing it. I then decided to buy another Arduino from thaiduino.com for over 1,000 baht and this one seems to be genuine. I was then quite curious about what the similarities and differences are, so I decided to take some photos of the two for side by side comparison. Can you tell which one is the fake? (answer at the bottom)



The boxes seem to look identical.


From the top the two boards look identical too

. ENIMAGE1359385679822

From the back it seems pretty similar too, but one of the boards has some sort of a ratings marking and the other doesn’t quite get the map of Italy right.

The answer: the board on the right is the fake one. Be very careful of buying Arduino boards at a cheap price, you might not get what you were expecting.


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