How to add Mozilla Stumbler tile layer to OSMAnd

With the release of OSMAnd 1.8, one can add custom tile layers making it possible to show coverage from Mozilla Location Services in OSMAnd itself.

OSMAnd is a map display and navigation application for the Android platform based on Open Street Map data with support for various modes including driving, cycling and walking. If one is interested in contributing data for Mozilla Location Services, it is useful to know which areas are lacking in coverage and plan one’s route accordingly. OSMAnd now allows for this with the custom tile layer functionality mentioned above. This step by step how-to shows you how this can be accomplished.

To begin with, your OSMAnd will probably look something similar to this:

OSMAnd before MLS

First, you need to get the latest Tile Map Service  URL from

Then, in OSMAnd, go to Menu –> Configure maps –> Map Source –> Define/Edit

Define tile map screenChange the information to the following:

  • Name: Mozilla Location Services
  • URL (as of time of writing):{0}/{1}/{2}.png
  • Expire (to update once a day): 1440
  • Update Set Max zoom to: 13

then press save, then go to Menu –> Configure Map –> Overlay Map –> Mozilla Stumbler and you should see blue dots appear:

OSMAnd after MLSIf it doesn’t, try zooming in and out, that helps sometimes. Otherwise, you can see the areas in blue are where stumbling has already been performed, so get a copy of Mozilla Stumbler and start exploring areas without the blue dots!



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3 thoughts on “How to add Mozilla Stumbler tile layer to OSMAnd

  1. Is this still possible in the Osmand 2 series? Don’t seem to be able to find the right menu.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to test it in OSMand 2 but I think the layer function should still be there. Have you any luck?

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